WASUSU was born in Area 23 in 2014. In a backyard in the ghetto of Lilongwe. Two musicians met. They loved clothes. Chill, relaxed, colorful, and patterned clothes with clean cuts and local connections. They agreed that clothes have to be comfortable, they have to make you feel a certain groove, a flow and heat! After a couple of years the two musicians got married, and a redesigned wedding dress from the Norwegian 80’s met local Malawian fabric. It was a real fusion wedding, and it was a real wedding crisis. A headstrong tailor made sure the bride went bridezilla as the wedding dress had turned from playful and edgy to balloon-skirt ála  80’s and she had to be brought back to life by a young designer and an experienced tailor. The young designer and the experienced tailor saved the wedding dress, the wedding party was too big, loud, and long and the couple’s hearts were wet and warm from love, kindness, and the hot season of October. The musicians started a close cooperation with the tailor and hoping it could result in a bigger garment family….And there he came: ONE LOVE! He knows he owns the world, and he will, from time burst into brilliant groovy flows of words. Feeling tooooo cool. Wearing ONE LOVE makes you feel like a mixture of Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and Trevor Noah. On fire and sweet!

After a couple of years of exploring the chitenge (fabric) shops in Lilongwe, sewing, decision making, shopping and testing, resulted in M’BAWA (mbaua, for non-fluent speakers of Chichewa). M’BAWA is slightly more arrogant and never goes out without expecting attention. She never forgets where she comes from. She is hot, on fire, and slightly ahead of everyone else. She is the 30-year badass cousin of Lulu and Beyonce. 

In 2019, a young reggae-humming dude was hanging around in the workshop. He liked his trousers comfortable and functional 🙂 but they should still be «sharp». Men also have a behind worth showing off….ATATE will never look like he tried too hard, but is inevitably smashing. You should be comfortable with a t-shirt, a bowtie, a regular shirt, singlet or just nothing under this suit. ATATE is the little brother of LeBron James and one of Bob Marley’s young friends. Hot, irresistible, and the world’s chillest. 

In 2022, more members of the family will appear, and we encourage you to get to know them. Enjoy this flamboyant and lovely family. 




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