The WASUSU family consists, at the moment, of 3 collection. During the summer of 2020 there is 2 more coming.

ONE LOVE is our basic collection. It has been modified and redesigned many times before we found solutions for design, cut and use of material that satisfies our standards of Zero Waste Design and Diversity Design: It should fit a diversity of bodies, and we should leave as little waste as possible, both for economical and climate reasons. 

M’BAWA is a separate strand, and has grown out of the traditional chitenges with «center pieces».  These fabrics have a central place in everyday chitenge-wear, as the centered big patterns would give a nice focus for whatever you want to enhance 🙂 HERE WE SHOULD HAVE A PICTURE OF SOMEONE WITH A TRADITIONAL CHITENGE WEARING CENTER PIECE. This design gives a unique expression, as the patterns on the fabric is carefully assigned to the different pieces of the bomber jacket. Small patterns, big patterns or ornaments on the side of the fabric inspire our design, and we take the challenge of how this can be used as smart as possible.

This is the most exclusive bomber jacket collection, as we sew very few jackets from the same fabric, and the work in designing, cutting and sewing is pretty time consuming. This collection always get some fabrics cut offs we can use for sewing children’s jackets as the smaller jackets don’t need such big pieces of fabric for cutting. These children’s jackets are in high demand, and often sold before we even manage to put them out on the webshop, but we always have some!

Our suit, ATATE, has gradually come entered our family, as Rosha started to design suits for himself, attending some weddings and concerts. He wanted his pants comfortable and funk-tional! but nicely fit. They had to be loose and chill, and look smart. They look as good as low hanging as they do with braces. The jacket has a sharp design, rounded in front and a relaxed cut on the shoulders. They should look fashionable with both  bow tie, jabot collar, regular shirt, singlet, t-shirt, or maybe nothing at all…

The skirt, AMAYI, became a collection as people kept buying Sunniva’s skirt, that she sewed for herself. So she sold the, designed new ones that she sold and ended up thinking that maybe this was worth a collection…Here it is!